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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you decide to make Masala Burst curry paste?

A. I am passionate about healthy food, and believe the best meals are made with fresh ingredients. That's why I avoid powders where possible. I know making fresh meals can take time, I make them everyday at home. So I wanted to speed up the process, but not lose the flavour or the health benefits.

Q. What makes Masala Burst so good?

A. Using a selection of 20+ whole spices, herbs and vegetables, Masala Burst is made in a traditional ayurvedic way so none of the flavour and goodness is lost. 


Q. How long can I store?

A. Because Masala Burst is made using traditional grinding and cooking it is good for 3 months in a cool place and 6 months in a freezer. 


Q. Is it healthy?

A. No salt, artificial preservatives or oil have been used, giving you the choice for healthy options in cooking. Add as much or little salt as suits your taste or needs. A recent Which Magazine report highlighted how much excessive salt typical store bought curry sauces contain. We wanted customers to have control over salt. The spice and herbs used have been selected for their health benefits as well as taste. 


Q. How easy is it to use?

A. Very easy, it’s one of the main reasons Rubina created Masala Burst. Even novice cooks have been making great curries in as little as half an hour. Demanding curry lovers have been bowled over by how much easier it’s made cooking. Onions, ginger and garlic are among the ingredients included in the recipe, so less time needed on chopping etc. Getting an ideal spice balance has been done for you.

Q. What meals can I make?

A. Masala Burst is great for poultry, meat, vegetables, lentils and fish. It really is that versatile. Many customers have used Masala Burst to make bland food that little bit more exciting, without even going to a full blown curry. Vegan and vegetarian cooks have been very pleased.


Q. Is it just for Indian/Pakistani curries?

A. Though it was created for sub-continental curries from the Punjab, some of our customers have experimented with additional ingredients to create more Japanese and Thai style curries. We are happy for you to unleash your creativity.


Q. What if I’m not confident cooking curries?

A. No worries we have a selection of easy to follow recipes here, Masala Burst Recipes you’ll be up and running in no time. Even my husband, who hasn't cooked for nearly thirty years, was able to make a delicious dish. We even filmed him to prove the point. There's a couple of videos on our YouTube channel showing you how to use Masala Burst, we hope to add more in the future. 


Q. How do I make meat curry even better?

A. Cook it slow and long on low heat for best results. Some of the recipes on our Recipes Examples page show how you can add garnishes and other extras to make meals even more special.

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