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A Journey in Cooking

10 years ago I started thinking about creating my own curry paste recipe. At this time I was remembering my childhood in Pakistan in a family of 13 ( and many, many more extended). My father was a renowned Hakeem, a traditional herbal medicine practitioner, named Hakeem Muhammed Shareef Jagranvi who was succeeded by my brothers.

I would remember going into the preparation room with my father and my siblings he would help prepare the natural ingredients. Sometimes washing, sometimes peeling and sometimes grinding the spices. I also remember my father would mix the medicine with something sweet. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down after all. Now when I see my children lick the mixing bowl after baking a cake I’m thrown back to these moments.

The herbal treatments my family made were created from hand prepared mixtures of natural ingredients for sorting many kinds of problems. They were made with Ayurvedic principles, which is all about bringing balance to the body.

Now I use the same principles and methods to create my curry paste I use whole ingredients, and wash and prepare them myself - ensuring the quality and purity of the product. No sugar, salt or oil is used in my paste making it ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore it is vegan friendly so people of different diets can enjoy it. One of the best things about it is that it saves so much time. I have always lived in a large family, even in London we are a family of 11 so meals need to be affordable, easy and quick to prepare as well as delicious. So out of necessity came my current curry paste recipe. Every time I make curries and other dishes with my Masala Burst I feel proud. I learned a lot living in a family of Hakeem's and I am now able to use the knowledge in my everyday life. To me it is more than just a curry paste, It's the the beautiful memories of my childhood and the continuing legacy of my family.

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