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Cool Down Classic from the Punjab

So these are very hot days, how do you cope? In South Asia as you know, it gets a lot hotter, and there's a special drink to help people cool down. The drink is called Panna, it's one that's tried and tested to help people handle temperatures of 40 degrees plus, and an old school favourite for labourers and farmers. It would have previously have been difficult to make in the UK, because the main ingredient is mango, which are much easier to get now.

Here's how to make it

Add the following to a blender: the pulp of two roasted unripe green mangoes, two teaspoons of roasted cumin seeds, 3-6 tablespoons of unrefined sugar, and 1 teaspoon of salt.

Blend the mixture, add iced or tonic water, or you can turn it into a cocktail. The recipe is enough for 8-12 glasses, all depending on how concentrated you like it. You can even freeze it in cubes for use when you really need it, right now in August 2020 it seems like it's needed every day.

It's a little unusual, but very nice taste, I'm not sure why it works, I'm just happy that it does.

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