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Garden to Kitchen, Things to do in Lock Down

Like many people that are lucky enough to have a garden, I’ve been taking advantage of the great weather while we have been in lock down. I don’t do sunbathing; I like to potter around with flowers and garden jobs are never done.

This year I thought I would try planting things for the kitchen, although there isn’t much space, or at least that’s what I thought. I ended up filling all the nooks and crannies I could find, including buckets, a tub and borders. Among other things I’ve planted garlic, chives, potatoes (in the tub), spinach and gone mad with tomatoes.

I’m waiting for most things to ripen, but the spinach has been a regular harvest over the last few weeks. It’s surprising how much you can get from a small area, tucked in amongst the flower beds. Of course, you can’t beat the freshness of morning picked spinach, it goes straight in the pot for lunch and or salad.

The other vegetables and herbs are coming along nicely, last week I transferred some of the from buckets into the ground. I hope they turnout to be just as good as the spinach. I’ll keep you posted.

From left to right, spinach, The Potato Tub and one of the Tomato Chimneys

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