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Mountain Ebony, Evocations of Time Gone By

Recently a friend of mine came back from Pakistan and came back with some buds from a Kachnar tree (Bauhinia variegata), also called Mountain Ebony and Butterfly Ash. I was delighted, as it's not easily bought in the UK. It's packed full of nutrients, and I know it's used to treat all sorts of ailments to good effect, including high blood sugar levels, thyroid problems, among other things. However I was delighted because I remember my grandmother making dishes with it when I was young, I hoped I could recreate the taste.

The blossoms in the picture above are not from the Khachar tree, the ones below are, I had to use local blossoms as a subsitute. Anyway buds

need to be cooked the right way or the taste can be a bit bitter. The best way is to prep them in yoghurt. I mixed them with a course mince and was very happy with the result. I think it was close to my grandmother's recipe, it certainly evoked a lot of memories, and yes, it did taste good.

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