Try Rubina's Original (RO) recipes for curries with a twist

Spicy Grilled Keema Naan
RO Fusion Chicken Curry
An original recipe by Rubina
Chicken Jalfrezi
A restaurant classic
RO Comforting lentils & Lamb
Comfort food for those cold days
RO Jewels Curry Rice
Savoury and hint of sweet for celebrations
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Masala Burst is great for creating mouth watering BBQs
RO Kharal Masala Rice
Aromatic and delicious rice, something a bit special
RO Masala Burst Chicken
Special Karahi Chicken for celebrations
Slow cooked lamb
An indulgent lamb dish that needs time
Punjabi Fish Tajine
Moroccan dish with a sub continent twist
Slow cooked hen korma
A classic dish best cooked slow.
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