Vegan & Vegetarian

Try Rubina's Original (RO) recipes for curries with a twist.

* indicates recipe doesn't require Masala Burst

New Potato Curry
A different take on potatoes
RO Smoked Vegen Tikka Rice
Vege version of a tikka BBQ recipe
RO Crispy Fried Vegetables with Curry
An excellent party dish
Lauki (Calabash) Curry
An excellent vegetable to keep cool on summer days
RO Vegan Bean Burger
Very tasty in a bap or with a salad
Medium Hot Vegetables
A very traditional simple vegetarian dish
* Savoury Sunshine on a Plate
Sweet Corn Porridge with vegetables
Perfect Lentil Curry
Spinach Paneer
Warm and burst of freshness in a spinach dish
RO Spiced vegetables
A simple spicy vegan dish
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Easy Chickpeasy, no nonsense and super easy dish ready in ten minutes

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